Zoe Lee leather polka dot flats

Zoe Lee leather polka dot flats

For my 50th birthday, my husband surprised me by sending me and my daughter to Paris for a week. He planned the entire itinerary—everything from our hotel, fashion tours, and dinner reservations. How lucky am I? I love to travel. I crave new experiences, adventures, and most of all making memories that last a lifetime. I always love to learn new perspectives on people, food, and environments. When I travel, it reminds me of how big the world is. Paris is such a wonderful place. The fashion, the food, the topography, and even the language are all so beautiful. I would recommend Paris to anyone. If you go, for sure go to the top tourist spots, but to get the full flavor you need to get a comfortable pair of shoes and walk. Discover the many arrondissements, they are all so different. No matter where you are in Paris, you will always find a great cafe, a gallery, or a unique clothing store.

Needless to say, my daughter and I had an amazing time, from our favorite croissants and lattes at the coffee shop near our hotel to vintage and thrift shopping in the Marais. It was so wonderful to have mother-daughter alone time. No one to compete within conversation or need to be on a certain time frame. We had each other all to ourselves. I wish to do alone trips with my boys as well.

 Trying on glasses at Jimmy Fairly Trying on glasses at Jimmy Fairly

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