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Every day when I awake, I hope that this has all just been a big nightmare, but unfortunately, this is real. In light of all of this, I feel very fortunate to have my entire family home safe and sound. We have enough food and toilet paper. I am praying for the less fortunate to get through this terrible time. This pandemic is a terrifying time for everyone. I think we will all get past this virus, possibly knowing someone who will get the virus or even someone through someone who has died. How will we all survive this financial crisis? It is going to be difficult, but we will get through this together.

Included in this post are some suggestions to possibly help you and your family face probably some of the hardest times we will ever see.


My typical workouts consist of Orange Theory, yoga, hiking, and Zumba. I mostly love group workouts because I love contact with people. This past week, because of isolation, I have been taking online, free, yoga classes, and Zumba. The online yoga classes that I like are https://yogawithadriene.comhttps://www.instagram.com/shannamota/?hl=en, and http://www.floatingyogaschool.com. In addition to strengthening your core and stretching, yoga allows you to breathe, which is what we all need to do more of, especially now.

If you are disciplined go back to the basics with jumping jacks, jump rope, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, burpees (I hate these).

While you still can, I recommend getting outside to get some fresh air in light of keeping your social distance.


Now that we cannot dine in at restaurants and by the same token take out food may end, there is no better time then to start cooking. Coupled with the fact that you have time to prepare. Do not feel insecure; you will be surprised how happy you will make your family with food!!

As most of you know, I love to cook. In the past couple of days, I fell in love with my Instant Pot. If you do not have one, I suggest getting one. The Instant Pot can make anything from yogurt, cook rice, sauté vegetables, or slow cook a roast. In the past two days, using the Instant Pot, I made hard-boiled eggs (quick and easy to peel), sausage and peppers, and Chili. The Chili was terrific, I tried one of my favorite chefs, Jessica Gavin’s recipe https://www.jessicagavin.com/instant-pot-chili/. I probably use an online recipe at least twice a week. I usually select simple recipes with not so many ingredients. My favorite online go-to recipes are https://www.foodnetwork.com or of course https://www.jessicagavin.com

What I have realized in the past week, is that we do not need that much food. As a nation, we overeat. We can all eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some carrot sticks for a meal! 


We do not need more space; we need less stuff. Now is the perfect time to purge your things. I decided every day I am going to clean out an area in my house. It is quite cleansing and therapeutic to cleanout. When I clean out, I have a throw-away bag and a giveaway bag. So far, I have cleaned out under a sink of one of my bathrooms, my laundry room, and my medicine cabinet. It is essential to throw away and expired products.

You will be amazed at the items that you will find; for example, I did not realize that I had a half dozen door stops!!! My husband was thrilled that I found his favorite triathlon hat. I also found a jacket that my daughter thought she lost!!!

I have not started to do closets yet, but that is in my future. I continue to preach and use the https://konmari.com method. If the clothing item does not give you butterflies, get rid of it. We all have too much. I feel during this crisis; we will all see that less is more.


My favorite

Most of us are blessed with the options of entertainment at home. Entertainment provided by Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime, books on tape, DIY videos, and this is a shortlist. If you are reading this then you are privileged because you have access to the internet. Most likely you have a phone and a tv also, so there are no excuses for being bored

By the same token, it is important to take time away from your devices. Pull out your Rummikub, monopoly, cards, puzzles, Soduko, anything to make the time go by and keep your brain stimulated.


Now is the best time to meditate. There are plenty of free online meditations that can lead you. Not to mention, find a quiet place, pick a word that you can repeat over and over, and do this for 20 minutes. There is scientific evidence that meditation works to relax your body. The relaxation from meditation helps decrease metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate.
I trained to do transcendental meditation, and I have been practicing for the past four years. It is an instrumental part of my day. You can go to TM.org to find a training center near you.

Equally important right now is to make sure you are getting enough sleep. Your mind might be racing with so many thoughts, so take a NAP!!

Recharge with a nap

Lift your senses

Scents, aromas, any fragrances can trigger responses. If you have candles, diffusers, or insense, now is the time to use them. My favorite scents for relaxation are sandalwoods, cedarwoods, frankincense, and lavender. For centuries, candles have been used in ceremonies to bring peaceful ambiance to space. Additionally, candles bring a minimal light source and sometimes an aroma to create a serene sanctuary.
Incense is used in many religious and meditation practices. It is used to deepen attention, heighten senses, and uplift your spirit when practicing meditation.
Diffusers are another way to dispense essential oils in the air to give you aromatherapy. Equally useful to distribute oil is a pot of boiling water on the stove.


You know that saying, “Save your money for a rainy day’?. These are rainy days. ! If you don’t need it, don’t buy it!!! I have too much!!! There is nothing that I need right now. The only items that I am purchasing right now are essentials to take care of my family, and that is groceries.

If you want to buy gift cards to some of your favorite services or restaurants, then that is certainly thoughtful, but sadly, some of these businesses may not be open again. :((((.

Here in San Diego and I am sure in other areas, there is a grassroots community effort to respond to those who are the most at risk in our community- our elderly, immune-compromised, and those who have been quarantined due to sickness. IF YOU HAVE EXTRA FUNDS, PLEASE CLICK HERE https://www.gofundme.com/f/corona-relief-san-diego


Could you imagine if we didn’t have phones or computers?? Just another reason to be grateful. We can call, facetime, zoom, have VR parties. Whatever it takes to lift yourself up and someone else who may be lonely. Take the time every day and make connections with people.

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